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The always more and more consolidated demand for Quality of the service in all the expressions of the hotel, establishes unified methods of standardization of our services, which have to be maintained constant in time.


Our actions take advantage of competences which were acquired in years of practice, comparing mistakes in the management of failed facilities with achievements reached by us, following methods and guidelines already optimized for the best management.

The specific study of the hotel that we will develop with discretion, will bring to the manager Company a complete picture of the technical situation, of the quality standards, compared to what our client requests.

The economic analysis will give us the ability to create a general picture of the situation, dividing each department into Expense Centers and Income Centers, to evaluate the strategies that need to be adopted; this process will let us minimize the costs while optimizing the quality of the service or the operating margin.

The Expert Advice takes place after a careful analysis of the features of the hotel/restaurant, an accurate selection of the Target aimed and a precise definition of the intervention modalities.

A consolidated knowledge of the market, the study and in-depth analysis of the topic, allow us to supply adequate solutions to reach the goal of “good management”.

Phases of Intervention

Our intervention will be organized in three phases:

  1. The first phase will consist in a visit by two professional figures in order to evaluate the current situation.

  2. The second one, in the drafting of a handbook, of a budget plan, meetings with department supervisors, innovative interventions, commercial strategies, etc.

  3. The third one, in the formation and information of your staff.

At the end of our Expert Advice you will be supplied

Financial estimate with optimized plan
Procedure handbook
Set of department forms
Productivity profiles
Behavioral manual
Innovative management formulation & offers
Staff formation
Department dossiers

Modalities of Intervention

Our consultancy avails itself of experts, specialized in hotel Quality and management

  1. CIPAS consultancies at the firm

  2. Budget planning and study

  3. Marketing activity

  4. Contracts with Tour Operators & Agencies

  5. Staff selection

  6. Organization of Units/Departments

  7. Forms and Manuals

  8. Study of Menus for Food & Beverage

  9. Optimization of productive processes

  10. Purchases, evaluation and supervision

  11. Management supervision

  12. Logistics

CIPAS Master Formazione Corsi Consulenza Alberghiera  tel. + 39 333 4673402  Giancarlo Pastore










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